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EADS CASA Espacio, a part of Astrium, is the leader of the Spanish space sector and also a European Centre of Excellence in Composite Materials, which since 1966 develops, manufactures, integrates, and qualifies systems, instruments and spatial subsystems for launchers, satellites and the International Space Station.

The experience and qualifications of its staff of over 400 employees, have positioned EADS CASA Espacio as the prime contractor of complete satellite in Spain. The two satellites of the National Earth Observation, INGENIO and PAZ, form a dual system with radar and optical technology respectively, and dual-use civilian and military. EADS CASA Espacio leads, in both cases, the consortium of companies involved.

In the satellites sector, ​​the company supplies reflectors and active shipped antennas, platform structures, thermal subsystems and power distribution, separation and deployment mechanisms, as well as associated electronics . EADS CASA Espacio has contributed with its expertise to major satellites in: telecommunications (DirecTV, Eutelsat, Astra, Amazonas, Measat), Earth observation (PAZ, Ingenio, Envisat, GOCE, Meteosat, Metop), navigation (Inmarsat, Galileo ) and scientific (Herschel, GAIA, MSL, JWST).

In the field of launchers, it produces several structures for each Ariane 5, Vega, Falcon 9, Soyuz-Starsem and Rockot, using the most advanced technology in the treatment of carbon fiber (Fiber Automatic Positioning).

Finally and always looking to the future, it participates in the International Space Station through its structures for the ATV space freighters and covers and mechanisms of the Cupolas windows.

EADS CASA Espacio together with Astrium Crisa form the holding Astrium Spain.

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